Amazing facts about North Carolina you should know

Are you planning on moving to North Carolina? Then you want to get around in the shortest amount of time possible. For that reason, it’s always best to get to know your new area and everything that comes with it. With the help of State to State Move you will get the necessary help with relocating and adjusting to your new area. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing facts about North Carolina.

One of the amazing facts about North Carolina is that it has the oldest state university

North Carolina has one of the oldest state universities in the US. UNC-Chapel Hill has been educating people all over the state for more than 200 years. It opened its doors in 1975. and it’s definitely still one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in the state. If you’re moving from Texas to North Carolina you want to have great options when it comes to education. Be it that you’re a student yourself or have older kids that are at the age where they choose their university. When it comes to education you can be sure that you’ll have the best opportunities when it comes to education. And with institutions that have been there for years, North Carolina has everything you’ll need.

UNC Chapel Hill
One of the amazing facts about North Carolina is that it has the oldest university in the US

Sweet potato is the unofficial symbol of the state

Every state has a symbol that is official or unofficial. There were even attempts to sign a petition to make it the official vegetable of the whole state, it has a status locally. Above all, that’s because sweet potato is one of the most produced things in North Carolina. That’s something even interstate movers San Antonio know, as they relocate a lot of people to North Carolina, and it’s surely one of the quirky facts about the whole state. One thing is for sure, you will be able to enjoy the finest sweet potato if you move to North Carolina.

North Carolina is the leader in tobacco, furniture, and textile production

It’s important to remember that North Carolina is a state of hard workers and producers. It’s no wonder that it leads the US when it comes to the production of tobacco, furniture, textile, and other products. Above all, it’s no big surprise that the best cross country movers Texas residents recommend have a lot of work to do. Be it residential or commercial moves that you want to count on. For that reason, if you plan on moving to North Carolina, you can be sure that it will be easy to find a job quickly.

It’s always tough to move to a new location. However, with some crucial information, it’s much easier to approach the move. Especially, when you get to know some amazing facts about North Carolina. The state of North Carolina will leave many people speechless. Everything will go smoothly with the help of our professional movers. In the end, don’t forget everything your new home has to offer.

North Carolina is number one when it comes to the tobacco, textile, and furniture industry

Food in North Carolina is famous across the nation!

There are many different recipes that people from North Carolina can brag about! From different recipes that have been the staple of local cuisine for generations, all the way to sauces people praise. Even the cross country movers Houston residents recommend will make a stop here in order to wat, during the longer moves. So what are some local special foods you should try? One of them is fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese. This southern classic takes one of its finest forms right in the kitchen of North Carolina restaurants.

It is made by using green tomatoes that are beaten and fried. Pimento cheese is made by combining cheddar cheese, pimentos, and mayo. It is the ideal harmony between fried green tomatoes and the spread! It makes for a scrumptious and strong dish. Of course, one of the amazing facts about North Carolina is that it has even more food to offer. And even the Austin interstate movers cant evade the temptation when passing by.

Food is one of the best parts of North Carolina
North Carolina has many recipes that are worth trying! It is a perfect state for foodies to visit.

The tobacco state – another one of the amazing facts about North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is also known as the “Tobacco state”. Amazing facts about North Carolina also include its history. And if you look all the way back to the early 1800s you will notice that this was the capital of Tabaco production in the whole nation. There were many companies in the territory of this state. Although there are still some factories that still produce tobacco in the state the number is much lower. This is due to the influence of health concerns and smoking bans. Some interstate movers Cedar Park TX will gladly tell you about the state’s history during the moving process. And many of them will also mention this fun fact.

First-in-flight title

The first powered flight in 1903 happened on the territory of North Carolina. But that’s not all. The small town of Kitty Hawk is the location where the Wright brothers tried out their prototypes and perfected their craft. Although they were originally from Ohio, they decided that North Carolina is the perfect place for their tests, due to the difference in terrain as well as weather conditions. In recognition of this accomplishment, The First in Flight Foundation was formed. The foundation’s goal is to maintain and nurture the heritage of the Wright brothers. Among the amazing facts about North Carolina, this one is quite important. As it started the debate between Ohio and the state as well, ultimately giving Ohio the title of “Birthplace of Aviation”.

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