Checking your inventory after an interstate move – a simple guide

Unfortunate situations happen during relocation. Sometimes your items are missing or damaged. Of course, if you’re insured there’s no doubt you’ll file an insurance claim. Still, be careful prior to the relocation itself. Make sure you make an inventory list before the move. Certainly, your professional movers will do their best to safely transport your items. Still, checking your inventory after an interstate move is obligatory. Only then will you be sure your belongings are in order in terms of number and condition.

Prepare thoroughly for the relocation

First and foremost, make a detailed plan when moving from Texas to Boston. Decide what to move or declutter. Then, start packing as soon as possible. However, you must make a list of all the things you are to pack. Be detailed. This will enable you to go through your inventory after an interstate move.

a notebook with a pen next to it
Checking your inventory after an interstate move will be facilitated by having a detailed inventory list.

Take pictures of your items

It may seem tiresome. Still, don’t neglect the importance of this task when moving from Houston to Boston. You’ll have a clear picture of the state of your items. Who knows? They can serve as proof. In case you need to file a claim, use your pictures.

Label the boxes when packing

Make it easy for yourself. When scrutinizing your inventory after relocation, facilitate yourself knowing what is the content of the boxes. As a result, check the list of contents of the boxes after your move. Also, a list of boxes according to each room in the house can be helpful.  Moreover, your interstate movers Cedar Park will be thankful. After all, they’ll know how to handle each box. Especially when they consist of some fragile things.

prepare for checking your inventory after an interstate move like this woman writing the word kitchen on the box
Labeling is a crucial aspect of each relocation. It’s significant for both the owners and the movers.

Prepare an essentials bag

Be sure to have some important things packed in a special bag. Keep it by your side. Even then, check the inventory of your bag. What to pack?

  • personal documents
  • medical records
  • financial records
  • electronics
  • wallet
  • jewelry
  • toiletries

Furthermore, make copies of important documents. Diminish the possibility of losing your important documentation.

In case you notice something wrong, act swiftly

What do you need to check? Firstly, the number of items. Is everything there? Then, consider the condition of your items. Are they damaged or broken? Moreover, check whether some parts of your things are missing. If you’re unsure, check your list or photos if they exist. As a result, you can file an insurance complaint. If you signed an adequate bill of landing in order to protect your move,  your company will act according to the contract. Thus, read well before signing any contracts.

Good preparation facilitates all the problems that may arise

Overall, checking your inventory after relocation should be one of the first things to do. Though your movers will protect your items, accidents happen. Therefore, prepare in advance. Create an inventory list. Take photos of certain things. Don’t forget to label the boxes. When you notice something missing or damaged, you’ll be able to rely on your list.

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