Get ready for a commercial move in a month

When you feel like your business is stagnating it is a good idea to relocate to a new location. A good location is everything for most types of businesses. But most people think these relocations take a lot of time. The truth is that you can easily relocate your office to a more favorable location in one month. The most important thing when it comes to commercial relocation is staying calm, this way you will make much fewer mistakes while you get ready for a commercial move.

Write a simple checklist in order to get ready for a commercial move

Relocation requires a lot of planning and organization, this is especially true when it comes to office relocation. If you and your employees do not stay organized you will have a hard time while you move. The best way to organize yourself and the rest of your business is to write down a checklist fall things you need to do. Be sure you write down every detail like hiring state to state movers. It is a good idea to hang this relocation plan somewhere where your employees can see it. This way they will be informed about the coming changes and the tasks that need to be done.

A checklist
If you write down a simple checklist you will be able to get ready for a commercial move in a month


Get a lot of packing supplies as soon as possible

When you want to get ready for a commercial relocation it is very important to get a lot of packing supplies. You do not want to run out of moving supplies in the middle of packing. Packing is hard enough on its own and you do not want to add going back and forth to the store. Get more than you think you need and you will never have this problem. The most important type of packing supplies you need to get is the moving boxes. There is a way to save a huge amount of money on these by going to any kind of store. Most of these will give away boxes that they no longer need. Other important moving supplies are cushioning materials, tape, etc.

Be sure you get a lot of packing supplies while you get ready for a commercial move

Start packing your office

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about any kind of relocation is packing. This is because packing is the most time-consuming part of the relocation. If you want to get ready for a commercial move in a month you need to make sure you start packing as early as possible. The first thing you need to do is tell your employees about the relocation and then tell them to pack their desks. Simply give them a box so they can ensure their belongings stay in one piece. Afterward, you need to carefully pack all the equipment you have. If all this sounds to hard for you hire corporate movers. This will make your relocation very simple since they are very efficient

Be sure you take extra care of the fragile items

After your employees take care of their desks there is another very important task in front of you. This is packing the equipment. You must ensure your fragile equipment arrives at your new location in one piece otherwise you will have to spend a fortune on replacements. This can ruin your business so it is important to be cautious. While you pack something that is fragile you need to ensure you use as much cushioning materials as you can. You can use various kinds of packing wraps, but these can cost. There is a much cheaper alternative in old clothes or old news-papers if you can get enough of these.

A laptop
Make sure your fragile items like laptops stay in one piece

Plan out the layout of your new office

When moving to another office it is very important to properly plan out the layout properly. You do not want to move to a new office and figure out all your furniture can’t fit the new office. This can waste you a lot of time and you can’t afford to waste time. Start planning your new office as early as possible. If you are moving to a smaller office it is a good idea to place some of your items into storage. You can place any furniture or supplies that cant fit into your office and keep it safe until you need it again. There are many moving companies that offer storage services.  You can even store your documents in storage units.

Storage unit
If you have too much things at your office it is a good idea to place some things into storage

Hire professionals in order to get ready for a commercial move

Office relocation is not something you should take lightly. If you and your employees try to move some heavy furniture someone might get hurt. The same can be said about moving heavy boxes. Even if no one gets hurt you still can’t move your office as quickly as the movers can. Movers have much more experience in relocation than you or your employees. This means they can move your office extremely quickly. The best part is the fact that there is little risk for anyone if you hire long distance movers California. These trained professionals will ensure your office relocation to California goes smoothly.

Moving your business to a new location is a huge step to take. You might feel overwhelmed at times but this is completely normal. You just need to make sure you stay level headed as much as you can. There are no benefits in stressing out about every little thing while you get ready for a commercial move in a month.

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