Moving to a colder climate: things to know

Moving your home to another state or even another continent can be a surprisingly big change for you. It actually happens that people get so excited about the relocation that they forget important facts about the place where they are moving to. For example, they sometimes forget that it’s much colder than in their old home. State to State Move is one of the most reliable interstate moving companies and that is why we decided to help you prepare for this kind of relocation. You will have a great time this way, and stress-free moving experience. Moving to a colder climate is easier if you know what to expect.

What should you know about relocating to a colder climate?

When we all think about winter, we usually make the idyllic picture where it snows, and we are inside our cozy houses drinking tea. However, this is not common in colder climates. This is mostly a fairytale because you will have to get out of your home to work, go shopping, etc. This means that you will have to deal with all the coldness. When you look this way, colder climates are no longer that interesting, right?

However, you should not be discouraged by this. For example, if you are moving from Houston to Boston, you are going to feel this. This is a place with extremes all year round. When it is cold, it is very cold. But, if you are in such a city, you will see that there are ways to overcome this problem. People are trying to make life as good as possible, and you will definitely feel it after the move ends.

cross country moving truck
You will move easily with professional help

Moving to a colder climate – what to expect?

You will probably not move to a place where it snows all the time. But if you do, you are probably totally aware of the fact that you will need all the winter clothes you can get. In this case, you should leave your summer clothes behind. They won’t take up much space this way, and you can only pack the things that you will actually use later on. Getting some of the best cross country movers Miami residents recommend is easy if you know exactly how many things you need to pack. Plus, it will be much more affordable if you only bring the things you will use.

But, if you are planning to relocate to a place where there is actually summer, and winter as well, you will need both summer and winter clothes! So, make sure you find enough of both. You might decide to just pack the clothes you will need at the time when you get there and buy the new ones later on when you need them. But you might actually pay less if you just move the clothes, you have now.

Heating bills are going to be higher than in your current place

Another thing that you should be aware of when moving to a colder climate is that you are going to pay more for heating. This is something that you can’t change and that you will have to get accustomed to. You probably know this already, but it is important for us to mention it again. However, the good thing is that there are ways how to avoid paying too much for these services.

a bill will be higher when moving to a colder climate
Prepare your budget for the higher heating costs

Ways to reduce heating costs in a colder climate

Living in bigger cities is always more expensive than in smaller ones. For example, if you are moving from Houston to Chicago, you will see that heating costs will be much higher. It is a completely different climate. But there are ways for you to reduce some of the heating costs in Chicago:

  • back the thermostat one degree when you are home, and you will save up to 3% of your energy bill
  • back the thermostat 10 degrees when you are not at home, and you will save up to 10% of your energy bill
  • lower water heater temperature
  • replace furnace air filters
  • turn on fans to disperse the warm temperature across your home
  • avoid opening your windows that often

If you combine all of this, you should be able to cut down some of your heating bills in Chicago. So, you should not be that scared of the bills here. It can be pretty affordable if you know how to do it. So, you should not think too much about moving to Chicago. Set up a date with your movers Houston to Chicago and move here without worries. Everything will be alright if you use all of the tips to your advantage!

It will be cold outside, but it should not prevent you from going out

Expecting nothing but a low temperature outside would be a fairytale. Colder climates are always cold and there is no way around it. However, this is a problem for many people because they avoid going outside. What you want to do is go outside as much as you can. You need to get accustomed to the cold weather and conditions so that you could be able to settle in sooner. Since you are already moving to a colder place, there is no point in staying home all the time.

Starting a car in cold weather is not an easy task

Also, you should know how to start your car in the cold weather. People who live in a cold climate usually do not know how to do this right. And it is completely understandable. If you currently live in a warmer place, such as Austin, TX, you do not have to deal with this problem all year long.

a view from the car
Starting and driving cars is harder in colder weather

However, if you are moving to a colder place, you should know that starting a car can be a problem. Also, after you start it, you should not drive at that same moment. Wait for a while so that your car could warm up. You do not want your car to stop in the middle of the road, right? So, as you can see, there are ways how to drive in the cold weather. You should not worry about this that much because there is a solution for everything. You can find your new home and hire Austin interstate movers that will take you there. Do not worry that much about moving from a hotter to a colder place. You will get adjusted in no time!

Snow will bug you if you are moving into a house

The downside of relocating to a colder climate is the fact that snow is going to be around you all the time. It is usually a good thing if you are going out for some winter activities. However, if you are moving into a house, it will bug you that you have snow in front of it all the time. This means that you will have to clean that snow all the time. It is not an interesting activity, but it is just a way of living in these areas.

a man cleaning his home after moving to a colder climate
Snow cleaning will become your ritual after moving to a colder climate

Moving during the snowy period

It is important that you have professional movers when moving to a colder climate. They will help you move in no time and without any issues. If you have not driven in the snow before, you will need some time to get used to it, and that is ok. But you also have to make sure you know where to find a moving company that can help you the right way. If you need a storage service, for example, find a company that can move you and get you this kind of service as well. This way, moving to a colder climate is not going to be that scary.

This is especially important due to the cold weather, slippery road, snow, and the fact that you are moving from a warmer climate. For example, if you are moving from Houston, Texas, you want the best movers your money can buy. Moving during this time is delicate and you want the best Houston out of state movers that have experience in this area. Yes, it may take time to find them, but it will all be worth it when you see that all your items are in the same condition.

Moving during the snowy period is not easy, but you will do it with professional help

Moving to a colder climate can be great

If you relocate your home to a colder place, you can be sure that you will be just fine here as well. There is nothing for you to worry about if you do everything with planning before doing it. Moving to a colder climate can be an amazing way to start your new life, and you will just love it. Naturally, it makes take some time for you to adjust, especially if you are moving from a warmer place where you did not have to think that much about low temperatures. But everything can be done, and you should not be scared about it. Use the tips on this list and it will be much easier for you to adjust than you thought!


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