Moving to Manhattan? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Moving to Manhattan? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Have you ever thought about moving to Manhattan? Living in New York is a dream for many, a nightmare for others but I bet you that most people wish they knew what you are about to find out in this article, before hiring a moving company to help them relocate.

State to State Move has been in the long distance moving business for years, and we have learned so many lesson along the way, thus, we will be sharing valuable insights for you, if you are indeed moving to Manhattan.

Relationships Are Hard to Maintain

Generally, people tend to move to New York for short term periods to go to school, for job,  just for a change of pace. It’s easy to make friends but you will be surprised that your routine will allow you to keep just a handful of them. Don’t even get started with dating or relationships, that’s why people say “No one moves to New York to find love”. People in New York think of marriage as something that would get in the way of their careers.

Don’t Let the Night Life Distract You

Don’t get me wrong, young people in Manhattan love going out. This is something you’ll quickly discover as soon as you move to New York. You’ll be shocked at the amount of bars, clubs, happy hours and free events. This is overwhelming and it can distract you.

That’s why I say, if you move here and you like to go out, pace yourself because too much party can get you out of the real reasons why you moved there.

There’s More to New York than Manhattan or New York City

Most new residents in Manhattan make a mistake. They barely go above 14th street unless they have a major reason to do so. But as you start to explore more, you’ll find that the horizon has much more to offer than Manhattan. 

You got to visit places like Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights in Queens, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. You can find incredible opportunities, food and culture that if you just limit your horizon you’ll be doing yourself such a disservice in that personal bubble.

Your Immediate Area is Sacred

Unless you start to live in Manhattan, you’ll never have a clue about the fact that the 10 block radius that surrounds your apartment is sacred; Especially if you’re working a lot. You’re going to get to know all the local delis, restaurants, bars, etc. You’ll appreciate having a 24/7 CVS within your local perimeter, a subway stop within a short walk of your home. 

Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that “where you live and what surrounds you is a manifestation of who you are internally”. So, you better make sure that your surrounding has something you want to do.

Rooftops Are The Best Escape in the City

By this, I don’t refer to overpriced rooftops bars. All apartment buildings have them, so you may or may not be allowed up there, but if you happen to get access to your own apartment or at friend’s place, there’s no better spot to be on a warm night. You’ll feel like you own the city.

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    Privacy: What’s That?

    There’s very little privacy living in Manhattan, and that’s something you just have to accept. Apartments are stacked on top of each other, you’re going to hear your neighbors. There’s always people walking on the streets at all hours, and they are not afraid to offer you their opinion, if they over hear your conversation.

    Of course, this is not always a bad thing. Here’s why; A friend of mine met his best friend while walking and having a conversation with somebody, and his unexpected friend was having a conversation about something they were interested in mutually. They ended up staying friends for years and keeping a very supportive friendship.

    So, it all depends on the context in which your privacy is vulnerable.

    Even some restaurants have dinner table next to each other so that you feel the people next to you is listening or you end up listening to their conversation. It could be awkward sometimes.

    Groceries Are Overpriced

    Your average grocery store in Manhattan is a rip-off. If you are not lucky enough to live near a trader Joe or Costco, try to buy some fruits and veggies from little vendors that setup on corners. They are much cheaper.

    Rent Prices? That’s Insane!

    Moving to Manhattan can be very expensive. So, I highly recommend you to be picky about it. Rent will go up every year. Here’s what the Manhattan Rental Market Report has to say about it:

    During September, the average rental price in Manhattan decreased by 0.81%, from $4,038.90 to $4,006.09. the average rental price for a non-doorman studio decreased by 1.1%, from $2,619 to $2,589. the average rental price for a non-doorman one-bedroom unit increased by 0.7%, from $3,236 to $3,259. the average rental price for a non-doorman two-bedroom unit decreased by 1.9%, from $4,302 to $4,221. the average rental price for a doorman studio unit increased by just 0.006%, from $3,116 to $3,118. the average rental price for a doorman one-bedroom unit decreased by 0.4%, from $4,343 to $4,327. the average rental price for a doorman two-bedroom unit decreased by 1.3%, from $6,194 to $6,111. during September, non-doorman units represented 50.6% of the rental market while doorman units comprised the remaining 49.4%.

    Year-over-year, non-doorman studio rental prices are up 3.07% while doorman studio rental prices are down 2.11%. non-doorman and doorman one-bedroom rental prices are down 3.18% and 2.05%, respectively. non-doorman two-bedroom rental prices are up 0.43% from this time last year while doorman two-bedroom rental prices are down 2.70% in that same span. overall, the average rental price in Manhattan is down 0.74% from this time last year.

    As we enter the final quarter of the year and seasonality begins to take hold, rental prices can be expected to continue dropping slightly from over the summer.

    Last But Not Least

    Staying healthy here is such a mission! There are so many restaurants and, even, cheap food options (dollar pizza in every corner, drink specials, Falafels; so joining a Gym might not be a bad idea at all! You’ll find it difficult though, to stay away from Indian food and beer, just try to find a balance. 

    Go for walks in the park, ride bikes, who knows if you even want to join a kickball league!

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