Moving to Texas: a comprehensive guide

Since you are reading this, you must have decided to move the entire household to Texas. Texas is a beautiful state, which could be one of the largest in the country. Its economy is booming and it is developing very fast. But if you never moved before, you will need help. That is why we came up with this guide, which any human can understand. Moving to Texas won’t be a problem if you read our guide and follow the instructions. And once you have decided that the time to move has come, you should hire State to State Movers if you want to have one of the smoothest relocations ever!

Why should you consider moving to Texas with professional movers?

There is a big difference between moving long-distance all by yourself and moving long-distance with a professional team. Successful moving companies have dedicated their work to answering customers’ needs. You cannot organize the moving process on your own and don’t try. Someone may tell you that you can do it, but in fact, there is a big possibility that you will damage your belongings and make additional costs. For moving to Texas, the state of cowboys and beef, you need to hire the best long distance movers Texas has. The reason for this is their experts know how to deal with any situation that might occur during the moving process.

trucks moving to Texas
You cannot have a successful move to Texas if you don’t hire professional movers.

There is no unknown situation for them. And if it happens, they will overcome it, using their experience and knowledge. Well, it is not easy to become a professional mover. You need to train and learn a lot.  So, that is why it is so important to have a professional partner by your side. Every obstacle that comes in their way, they simply overcome.

Let professionals do what they know best and for what they are trained for. Focus on preparing yourself for the warmer weather conditions that you will find in Texas. The weather can vary, from dry to humid, so prepare your family.

Find adequate help

Well, if you want to move to Texas, the best thing you can do is find adequate assistance. And if you are planning to move the entire household, it must be a reliable partner. Let’s imagine that you are moving to Dallas, Texas. Therefore, arrange services from the best long distance movers Dallas has because they will organize the entire moving process for you. From the beginning, they will plan with you. Remember, it is really important to have their help if you want to move your household. You wouldn’t give to someone unreliable to relocate all of your precious belongings and family.

That has to be a job for someone with knowledge and experience in this kind of moving. Well, there are many differences between the moving companies, even the good ones. You need to check their recommendations before you hire them. This moment will be crucial in choosing between good and other movers. So, listen to our advice and think about it. Good movers will have you and your relocation in their focus. And, safe relocation is all they are interested in.

Arrange packing services before moving to Texas

Packing is maybe one of the most important segments in the moving process. This is so because you need to have skills and knowledge in packing and moving. For a safe move to Texas, choose only the best. Therefore, arrange reliable packing services and you will get full packing and unpacking services. You must remember that many things are made from different materials, some are fragile, others are not. But, there is a special treatment in packing for every one of them. So, don’t hesitate, to contact your movers, today.

Because all they can do is to help you. You can set your mind on many other things, like decorating or getting to know your new neighborhood, exploring the Texas state with your kids, etc. As you can see, there are many things you can do. But, leave the packing process to professionals. They know exactly what they need to do. There are many moving supplies on the market. But, you won’t know which to choose, because you don’t know to do that. Let’s face it then. Only professional movers like Austin interstate movers know what kind of moving supplies are adequate for your things.

kid playing in a box
Arrange professional packing services if you don’t want to risk damaging your stuff.

How to pack properly and efficiently?

Packing, whether you hire professionals or not, is a task that requires a lot of time and patience. Being in a position to pack in the proper way is a relocation dream come true. Therefore, here are some of the best tips when it comes to packing when relocating to Texas.

Start with decluttering

This is the hard part of packing. You need to say goodbye to some items that you are emotionally attached to. But to bring only the items that you need and to downsize the boxes that need to be relocated, decluttering must be done. The first thing you should do is to get packing and moving supplies. You will need:

  • Boxes,
  • Bins,
  • Labels,
  • Packing and wrapping tape, etc.

Once you get all of these, decluttering can start. Of course, you do not know how many boxes you will need, but getting some of them to start with is a great solution.

Divide items into three piles. The first one will be the items that you need. The second one is the items you will donate, and the third one will be with the items that will go to the trash. This can be hard. That is why you need to call someone who is not emotionally attached to the belongings and someone who can be objective. Think about it as the last part you will have in your home. Invite your friends over and put some music on. Try to enjoy this, and try to keep the minim items without feeling guilty.

a couple packing
Before you start packing make sure to declutter!

Pack room by room when moving to Texas

This is the most efficient way of packing. You need to pack room by room if you want to be as organized as possible. So start with the rooms you are using the most. You can leave only the items that you need during the process of the relocation. You are starting with these rooms because you will need most of the time to separate everything in decluttering.

When it comes to kids’ room and their stuff, leave it to them. They need to be part of the relocation and this is the best way. Since they can pack their stuff, they’ll be one step closer to realizing that everything is about to change. This is the normal part of the relocation. Plus, if you have teenagers you will probably not get permission to get into their room. All you can do is check if they have paced everything.

Labeling is important!

Imagine placing items in boxes with no particular order, putting boxes in a moving truck, and then unpacking them. You will have a mess and you will not know where you put something. That is why the advice you will get from the professionals is that you should label your moving boxes.

The most important label is the one for fragile items. If you place fragile on the box, you are informing your movers that this box contains sensitive and easily damaged items. Plus, once the unpacking time comes, you can be careful with those items.

Other labels are your own choice. This means you can label the boxes by writing the room in which they were. Or you can simply write the content of the box, for example, “books”. This way you will stay organized, the unpacking process will be much easier and you will know which boxes you can place in storage.

a person packing books for moving to Texas
Don’t forget to label your boxes once you are done packing.

Consider renting a storage unit

It doesn’t matter if you are relocating to Texas from a long distance or it is just local relocation, you need to have an extra space where you can put away your belongings until you can move in. That space needs to be secure. You can rent some of the best storage TX has and relax, because your belongings will be in the safest place in Texas. They will be fully protected from mold, moisture, scratches, and damage. While your belongings are safe in the storage facilities, you can decide how you want to paint and decorate your new home. That will be impossible to do when your belongings and furniture arrive. So, organize it now, while they are in storage.

Rent your storage for as long as you need it. But, rent it on time, because it might not be available during the process of moving. When you decide to move and you want to hire some of the best long distance movers in Houston, make sure you know the number of items you will be relocating and the number of items you want to place in storage. You should be aware that storage units come in different sizes. And depending on the size, you’ll be able to get the price and calculate your moving budget. Make a dog house, a playground for your kids, plant some flowers, etc. There are many things to be done, while your things are safely waiting in storage.

What to look for when renting storage?

There are all sorts of storage, but only a few of them have something that you need and can provide you with the best services. There are a few simple rules you have to follow to find the best storage unit.

  • Make sure that the storage is climate controlled. This way the level of humidity will be controlled and you do not risk damaging your stuff.
  • Make sure that there are alarms, such as theft alarms. This way, you will be safe and not worry about your items.
  • Video surveillance is a matter of your choice. But if you are in chance, get storage that is monitored.
  • Storage should be near your home. This way you will not have to travel far away to get something from it.
two open boxes on the table
Consider renting storage if your new place is not ready yet!

How to pack your items for storage?

You should know that even if you find storage with great climate-controlled systems and that you have all the cameras and alarms necessary for your items to be safe, you can do more. For instance, the items that you will place in storage must be in plastic bins and plastic boxes. The reason for this is simple. You will avoid any additional damages that might happen. If there is a flood, the items in carton boxes will get damaged and all of your stuff inside will be ruined. You will not have to worry about this if the items are in a plastic box.

The other reason why you should be placing items in plastic bins and boxes is that you will prevent pests. It will be impossible to ruin the plastic box.

And the last you should hear is that clothes and other items must be dry. If something wet was folded in boxes and packed, you are in chance of having smelly and damaged items. Plus the mold might appear.

storage containers
Having secure storage during relocation is the right choice to make when moving to Texas

A list of things you need to do when relocating to Texas

As you can see, there are many things to be done if you are moving to Texas. So if you have a good plan and you concentrate on your organizational skills, you will be able to gain some of the best moving experiences ever. Just beware of the fraudulent moving companies and make sure you do not pay everything in advance. To make it easier for you, the list of things that need to be done:

  • Hire good movers, such as San Antonio out of state movers
  • Arrange packing services
  • Rent storage
  • Buy insurance policy
  • Make an inventory list
  • Label the moving boxes
  • Give your family responsibilities in the moving process
  • Don’t forget your pet
  • Decorate your home while your stuff is in storage

All of these things you will be able to do with the loved ones on your side. Make sure that everybody in the house has something to do. You can even divide tasks for each family member. And once the task is done, it can be crossed off the list. This way everybody will have a vivid picture of what is done when you are preparing for a moving process.

What to expect when moving to Texas?

Since you have already arranged everything that needs to be done for the relocation process, it is time to explore your new city. Based on your needs and the needs of your family, you will be able to choose which neighborhood is the right for you, what is the perfect job position, and whether you can even afford to live here with your current salary. All of these statistics do not mean that you will not fit in here. The life you have in Texas will be the one you choose and the one you live.

family having fun
Explore Texas and find out what you can expect after you move there

The cost of living in Texas

When it comes to the most frequently asked information, the cost of living in Texas is one of the things you need to discuss. The cost of living here is on average level. This means that you will be able to have a cozy life with your regular salary. However, the regular average salary in Texas might not be the same as the average salary in other parts of the US. That is why before you move here, make sure you have some savings. They will help you cope with any disruptions and obstacles that might happen once you relocate. Calculating the savings will also help you with determining your moving budget and you will be able to know there is a chance of hiring some specialized services Austin long distance movers are offering.

Think about the job market when you plan to move to Texas

Young professionals and millennials choose Texas to be their new home for many reasons. And one of them is because Texas is currently the leading city when it comes to the job market. There are numerous job opportunities in almost every field. You must find the perfect one for you. Texas is also known as a place that gives a chance to young, inexperienced people looking for a job.

We all know that companies like to hire professionals or someone with a long experience but not Texas. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to go to college where. They have bigger chances to get hired after graduation. So if you have been looking for better job opportunities, you do not have to search for them before hiring a moving company to relocate you. A great thing about Texas is that you will be able to find a job the moment you step foot in your new home.

Also, Texas is a great place for businesses, so if you have one make sure to contact corporate movers Texas has to help you relocate your business equipment.

Education and entertainment for kids

If you are relocating with your family or you want to expand your, you should do a little research when it comes to the schools and the activities for your kids. The state of Texas has great schools! Meaning you will be able to provide your kids with some of the best education possible. You will not have to worry about them having fun and learning in Texas. Moving to Texas will also give them a chance to work after college and choose the subjects they like.

Activities in Texas are numerous, and it all comes down to whether your kid is an indoor or outdoor person. Outdoor activities are usually organized after school and during spring break. Summer breaks are not so popular for kids here because the temperature can be high. So when the summer comes, your kids will be able to enjoy some of the nicest and most various playgrounds, museums, festivals indoors, etc.

capitol in Texas
There are many things to see and do in Texas with your kids!

Worrying about whether your kids will like it here is unnecessary. You can even talk to them about the things they can do here before some of the best interstate movers Houston offers come to relocate you. This will also help them cope with the relocation and the change that awaits them.

Take time to deal with your emotions before moving to Texas

No one says it is easy. Leaving everything you know and everyone you love is the hardest part of the relocation that not so many people talk about. You will be stepping into the unknown. Therefore, anything that you are feeling is all right. Do not hide from your emotions. Everything that you feel must come out. If you are angry, talk to someone. Explain why is this situation making you feel that way.

Being blue and sad is a normal part of the relocation. If you need some time to cope with this, take it. Give yourself some free time and make sure that you understand your emotions. Relax during the process of finding the right moving company, packing, and finding storage. It will mean so much to you and still, you will finish everything on time.

woman thinking and relaxing
Give yourself some time to cope with moving to Texas

Moving to Texas can be one of the best experiences you had in your life. It is all up to you. The way you organize the relocation, and the way you explore any city here will determine how great this relocation will turn out to be. Be careful how you choose your movers, and how you choose your home. Also, make sure to include every family member in the moving process. You are much stronger together!


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