The best way to label moving boxes

If you have many moving boxes at the end of your packing efforts, it may be a nightmare to organize them. That is why you will most likely want to label them, one way or another. But what is the best way to label moving boxes, exactly? Well, long distance movers Houston recommends a color-coding system, for example. You can also use a numbering system, as well. Or you can combine both of them! Regardless of the system that you adopt, you will need to have some high-quality markers and some stickers.

You can do this task in various ways, to be honest, but there are some guidelines that can help you. We will try to explore some of those in this article. So, without further ado, let’s see:

How to label moving boxes?

Here are some considerations for your labeling efforts:

  • Gather high-quality markers
  • Buy, print out or create your own stickers
  • Label moving boxes with the numbering system
  • Color-coding system
  • Label all sides of your boxes
Get some new, high-quality color markers!

Gather high-quality markers

You need something to label with, for starters. While usual markers might serve the purpose, high-quality ones are not really expensive either. It will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable due to their quality. With low-grade stuff, you may need additional effort to make everything clear and visible. Make sure that you at least try out the markers before you buy a few of them. Not all markers are made the same. You don’t really need military-grade stuff but you do want them to be of sufficient quality. The thing is, in experiences of Orlando long distance movers using low-quality markers can sometimes create confusion with the whole labeling system. The last thing that you want in your labeling is confusion.

Whichever markers you get, make sure that the lettering is clear and concise and that there are no blots even if the sticker rubs on something during transport.

Buy, print out or create your own stickers

And when it comes to stickers, you have several options. You can simply go to a store and buy a lot of them, they are quite cheap. Unless you go for the gold-plated ones, of course. Jokes aside, the stickers from the store will do the job. However, if you wish to customize your stickers, the best way to do that is to print them out yourself. With a bit of fiddling on an online tool, such as Canva, you can create a perfect sticker and simply print it out. If you don’t happen to have a printer, you can go to a printing house and print them there. It will be really cheap because you can put a lot of stickers on one piece of paper. You will need to cut them out afterward but that is a small price to pay, so to speak.

All in all, you will need stickers and if you do not really care about them and want to spend the least amount of work, simply buy them. Otherwise, custom stickers are always fun and great to look at!

Label moving boxes with the numbering system

If you want to add serious organization to your boxes, create a simple numbering system for them. You can create anything that you want, as long as you know what goes where. Simply assign a number to each box and write it down in your packing checklist. This way you will not only know which box goes where you will also know how many boxes are going where. You will also have the benefit of knowing what exactly is in which box. Do you need bedsheets? Box #32 contains them. Simple as that. Do remember to write down the room, too. It will be easier for both you and your movers to know at a glance where which box goes.

Most people choose the color-coding system, numbering system works pretty well too!

And speaking about knowing what is inside the box at a glance, you simply cannot beat a:

Color-coding system

The color-coding system is really simple. Every room gets a color and you mark your boxes accordingly. This way, you don’t even need to read the labels to know where the boxes are going. You won’t have problems unpacking when you figure out what to unpack first after your relocation. Simply hand the color-coding chart to your movers and they will be able to work with greater alacrity. If you need expedience, this is one way to help achieve it. Obviously, for the best results, you can combine the numbering and color-coding in your labels. This will make it both easy to know what the box contains and what is the order you should be unpacking them, as well. If you are not pressed for time, this is the best thing that you can do. Simple as that.

Label all sides of your boxes

Also, speaking of time, if you have additional time on your hands and are in no rush (which you really should not be) try to label every side of the box. This will make it a lot easier for whoever is handling the boxes to handle them properly. Even with the best efforts, boxes get rotated in transit. For the sake of expediency and wasted effort, try to have all the sides properly labeled. It will make it faster down the line. It can get quite frustrating to constantly have to flip the boxes in order to find the label. If there are labels on all sides, this becomes a non-issue.

Label each side of the moving box, especially if that box contains fragile items!

Why is labeling moving boxes important?

The entire truth of the matter is that you can also not label anything and it will get delivered to your new home. But you are running several risks if you do that. If no one knows what is inside the box, handling will become much harder. If the box does not contain the words “fragile” it might be handled roughly and the contents ruined. It is better to avoid similar cases altogether and simply take some time to properly label moving boxes.

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