Pros and cons of moving in spring

The relocation process will be difficult, regardless of the season that you choose for it. However, some seasons are better suited for some people, due to their unique pros and cons. Regardless of the season involved, you will need to hire a moving company to help you with your relocation. Sure, you can do everything on your own but in most cases, you really don’t want to. The fact of the matter is that the whole process is really difficult to go through on your own. Your stress levels might skyrocket, there is a significant risk of injury, and so on.  All in all, you need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of moving in spring, before you definitely decide on the moving date. And that is exactly what this article is about. We will start with figuring out:

What are the pros and cons of moving in spring?

Simply said, pros are the benefits that you can reap if you move in the spring. The cons stand for the difficulties that you might have. For example, the greatest “pro” of moving in the spring is that your move will cost less. See, a simple benefit. A “con” is that moving in the spring will be moving in the middle of a school year. Which is a clear and definite hindrance if you have a child attending school.

You also need to understand that different people value different pros and cons. For someone, the price of moving is inconsequential and some households might not have children in them. Thus, the pros and cons are quite relative. In any case, let’s start evaluating. We will start with:

Pros and cons of moving in spring – Pros

Here is a small list of pros that you can benefit from if you choose to relocate in the spring:

  • Affordable moving companies
  • Safer roads
  • Nice weather
  • Organizing a garage sale!
  • Selling your home will be fast and easy!
Professional moving companies are much more affordable during the spring.

Affordable moving companies

As mentioned previously, this is the biggest pro out there. The moving companies usually do not have that much business in the spring and they will, thus, value your business more. First, the prices themselves will be lower right off the bat. Second, you will be able to negotiate a lot more than in other seasons. This is due to the fact that household movers will want to compete for your business. If a company can get your money by further reducing the price a bit, why wouldn’t they? And if they do not want to, there may be other moving companies that will. All in all, your bargaining power is at its maximum during the spring.

Safer roads

Also, the roads will be a lot safer in the spring. Less traffic, too. This is even better if you need to drive yourself. You will avoid the summer rush and people generally are more relaxed in the spring and drive more carefully. The season is like that.

Nice weather

Tying in with safer roads, the weather will make all your driving during the local or a long-distance relocation much more enjoyable. However, you do need to pay attention to weather forecasts, as spring weather can be unpredictable. You can’t really influence the weather but what you can do is set a few moving dates ahead of time so you can change if necessary. Again, you will be able to do so because moving companies have less business in the spring. Otherwise, you would be able to set one date and that’s it, regardless of the weather.

Organizing a garage sale!

Spring is also a perfect time to organize a garage sale! If you have a lot of items that you are not carrying with you, and you have time to get some value out of them, then it is the perfect time for a garage sale! See to devote at least a week for this sale, to account for possible bad weather. If you sell out sooner, great! If you want to make it a hit, you can also check out some organizing tips for the garage sale. This is also a good time to say goodbye to all of the neighbors, who will definitely visit your sale.

garage sale
Spring is a great time for a garage sale.

Selling your home will be fast and easy!

In spring, you will be able to get the best prices for your old home. This is because most people are buying new homes for a summer vacation. People tend to negotiate less in the spring and just want to get the purchase over with. Which is just what you want, as well!

Pros and cons of moving in spring – Cons

There are only two major cons to moving in the spring. And one of them is also on the pro list. The cons are:

  • Interrupting your kid’s school year
  • Unpredictable and occasionally bad weather
You should know that the weather can be unpredictable!

Interrupting your kid’s school year

This is the big one. The con that makes moving in the spring really really unattractive. If your kid is attending classes, you will need to yoink him or her (or some other gender pronoun that is applicable nowadays) out of those classes and enroll in another school. The whole process is quite annoying, truth to be told, and there are sociological and psychological implications of doing so. There is a good reason why people do not move in the spring and this is it. If you don’t have a child attending school, then the spring might just be the perfect time to relocate!

Unpredictable and occasionally bad weather

And the weather can go sour real easy in the spring. One hour its all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Well, without the unicorns, that is. And the next hour it is a downpour and it is really cold. That is what moving in the spring can look like. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent this, apart from being clairvoyant. You can follow the weather forecast but those are not 100% accurate. And when you finish with the relocation, you will need some tips on how to de-stress after a move!

And that would be it for our pros and cons of moving in spring! We hope that you have decided if you want to move in this season or not.

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