Reasons to move to NB as a senior

Long-distance relocations are something most people would like to avoid. All that moving stress is too much even for the most relaxed people, not to mention for seniors who just want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful life after their retirement. However, if you find reliable state to state movers who will know how to handle every step of your relocation, this process can be made much easier. Still, that leaves you with so many questions about Texas and New Braunfels, the place where you want to move. You might be having second thoughts, and that is normal. As a senior, you don’t want to take any chances and you want to find a great city to call home. Well, you are on the right path. We’ll tell you what are the reasons to move to NB as a senior.

What you need to know about NB

New Braunfels is a great city for those who want to have in the center of the events and lead a peaceful life at the same time. It is possible because NB is only 32 away from the center of San Antonio. However, it is placed in the center of Texas Hill Country. The 96 935 residents of this city use all the opportunities it has to offer. What can be interesting to someone who is coming to Texas from far away is the fact that NB has great beer and wines. Actually, it has three local breweries. Many people who hear about these facts contact even Houston long distance moving companies because they want to have a flawless state to state relocation.

A lot of homes in a suburban area
One of the reasons to move to NB as a senior is affordability

If you think these are the only reasons to move to NB as a senior, that is not quite right. There are many more, such as:

  • affordable cost of living
  • great weather
  • friendliness of the community
  • activities for seniors

The cost of living in New Braunfels is reasonable

When it comes to the overall cost of living index in New Braunfels, it is close to Texas’ average. The overall index is 99.4, while the average in Texas is 94,2. The median home cost is $317,900, compared to $243,600 in Texas. One feature is below the national average, and that is transportation, which is 82, and in Texas, it is higher even than the national average and which is 103.3. Of course, it is possible to find more affordable places. However, NB isn’t one of the most expensive cities, but it is the one that has it all, especially for seniors.

In addition to reasonable costs, retirees in NB have special benefits. Since Texas enjoys particularly low taxes, the residents who are 65 years of age or older are also eligible for an extra $10,000 exemption. There is already a $25,000 homestead exemption. Moreover, Texas does not tax retirement income. Therefore, retirees in New Braunfels may make even more of their limited income.

A rainy road between trees
There are only 34 inches of rain in NB

Population in New Braunfels

We have already mentioned that 96 935 people are living in New Braunfels, However, we haven’t mentioned the fact that this city has had a population growth rate of almost between 1,47%-2,12% every year since 2011. That speaks enough of the city and its openness to new people. You may be surprised that the median age of the population in NB is 36. However, there are 11,743 seniors, which proves that this is a great reason for you to call some of the best long distance movers Texas and relocate there. It is not easy to find a city that is so ideal for people of all ages as New Braunfels.

One of the reasons to move to NB as a senior is the weather

The weather in New Braunfels is perfect for seniors. First of all, there are 226 sunny days in NB and that is great for elderly people who want to avoid cold weather and rain. At the same time, the air doesn’t get damp as in some other hot parts of the USA. Winters are mild. The coldest month is January, but the temperature never gets lower than 42 F. There is no snow at all, and there are 34 inches of rain in a year.  This is less than in the USA, where there are 38 inches of rain. So, NB’s climate is perfect for seniors who have health problems and want to avoid extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

Activities for seniors in New Braunfels

When you retire, the fun starts. So, look no further than New Braunfels if you want to join a lively, fun-loving community. The rich heritage of New Braunfels is still honored today via a variety of events and festivals held throughout the year. You can also go to the Gruene Music & Wine Fest, pull up a chair, get a drink of wine, and enjoy some live music. The United Way of Comal County was first promoted through this yearly event in 1986, and it continues to do so now. There is a New Braunfels calendar of events where you can see everything that is going to happen there during the year. Check it out and plan your activities as soon as you relocate there.

There are also many activities in NB that you can do with your family, especially with your grandchildren, if you have them. You can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and other lake activities on a warm, sunny day on Canyon Lake’s shores. The municipal schedule should also be checked if the grandchildren are visiting to see if there are any live performances or outdoor movies the whole family may enjoy. New Braunfels has proven itself as an extremely friendly city. Here everyone can find a way to relax or gets busy doing all kinds of fun activities.

A granny helping her granddaughter read about the reasons to move to NB as a senior
There are many activities you can do with grandchildren in NB

Find reliable movers before you move to New Braunfels

You have seen that the great location, perfect weather, reasonable cost of living, peaceful atmosphere, and fun activities are among the main reasons to move to NB as a senior. Before you do so, contact long distance movers New Braunfels TX to help you with this process. It is important to have experienced movers when you are moving from state to state. This way, you will enjoy your relocation.


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