The charm of small-town living in Bellaire

Choosing your new place to call home can sometimes be hard. Especially if you are looking to fulfill everyone’s needs. From your kids to your own. But you should also know how to compromise with everyone and everything. This is maybe the most difficult part of the relocation process. And you have not even started packing yet! But what happens if you find a place that has everything for everyone, with minimum things to compromise about? Luckily for you, one of the places you will find everything your family needs is Bellaire. This lovely place is waiting for people like you. All you have to do is to hire State to State moving companies and make sure you worry about nothing but having the time of your life in small-town living in Bellaire.

Small-town living in Bellaire – a brief overview

Before you even start exploring everything you need to know and you are interested in, you should know some basic information about this place. Located in the heart of the country, Bellaire has some of the nicest climates, great highways and connections to other places, and most importantly, nice people living here. Being one of the safest places in this area, you should have no problem raising your kids here. After hiring long distance movers Bellaire TX, you can relax and leave the relocation tasks to them. You can focus on exploring everything this place can offer. Let’s get started.

Community life in Bellaire

People here are known as very friendly-oriented and polite. Most of the people here are younger than 50 and if you are in this age group, you will have a lot of fun. You should know that Bellaire is a place that is voted to be one of the most neighborly places in Texas. Most of the residents here, and when we say most, we speak about 90 percent of people who are homeowners. This can be a bit of trouble if you are looking to rent some. However, the real estate market here is great and if you hire a good agent, you will find a home in no time. And adapting to this change will be easy. The neighbors will give you a hand whenever you need it. There are currently 19 thousand residents here. Finding a few of them to be your new best friends will be a piece of cake.

people walking
Small-town living in Bellaire will give you a chance to forget about a car and spend some time in the fresh air as much as you can.

It is a walkable area where you will easily find your routine

Most people will say that having a routine when moving to a new pace is something that will help you adjust easier. The great thing about living here is that Bellaire is a walkable area. This means that you have a lot of trails and paths and places where you can stretch your legs and make your own routines. Find a new favorite coffee shop, or take a walk to your new office space. Keep with your routines and you will find living here in the first few weeks more bearable. Another great thing is that people here like to walk. So there are many places that are no cars available, meaning there are a lot of walking areas where cars are not allowed to pass. This could be perfect for those who are moving with the help of interstate moving companies Texas has, and with their furry little friends. Having a lot of space to take a walk is ideal for them.

Top attractions and activities in Bellaire

Knowing how walkable this place is, is a great indicator of how many various places and things you can do. You will find a lot of restaurants, coffee bars, clubs, places to dine and wine, parks, recreational spaces outdoors, etc. All of these places can make a little difference in your life. And you will not even notice it until they become the new normal for you.

The places where you can taste some of the most delicious food and have the best cups of coffee

  • The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea,
  • Sustain Juicery,
  • Tiny’s No. 5,
  • Argentina Cafe,
  • Chick-fil-A,
  • Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors,
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes,
  • Amorino,
  • Hank’s Ice Cream in Bellaire,
  • Taqueria El Jalisco,
  • La Reyna Tortilleria,
  • Classic Donuts and burgers from Burger King,
  • Tacos El Ranchero,
  • Ekko’s Greek American Deli.
food on the plate
Find time to taste food in some of the famous restaurants here.

Top attractions you will love in your small-town living in Bellaire

  1. Color Factory Houston – a place that you and your whole family will enjoy. It is an interactive art museum where the exhibits are stunning. So make some time for this and enjoy your free days here. You will definitely love it.
  2. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park – In the heart of Uptown Houston, you will find this waterfall one of the most favorite things among tourists. You can use your free hot days and spend time near this nature blessing. You can have some picnics in the market area and spend the whole weekend here camping
  3. Pioneer Memorial Obelisk
  4. Holocaust Museum Houston – whenever you feel like it is time for more education for your kids, and yourself (why not?), this museum is the right place o learn more about history.
  5. Smither Park -a great place with tons of artistic settings, that the whole family will enjoy. This is something you should leave for the days that are not so hot and when you are all relaxed enough to enjoy all the wonders you can find here.

Schools and education in Bellaire – everything you need to know about this when you choose small-town living in Bellaire

There is no definition of a good and great school. It is the same as you would say that all people from Texas are in love with riding horses. No one can determine whether some schools will be great for your kids or not. However using the statistics and studies that have been done through the years, there is some information you can get about the educational system and schools in Bellaire. according to these statistics,  Bellaire High School, Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, and Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts are among 5 A+/A rated public high schools in the district.

There is another great thing here. As we have mentioned, Bellaire is very well connected with some other major cities. So the commute from this place to another should not represent a huge problem. So if you find a place nearby where you think your kids will have better education, try finding out the best route that you will use to get your kids to school.

Best activities for your kids in Bellaire

Raising a kid here means that you will have to have some options for him to have fun. Especially if you are busy and have a full-time job. That is why knowing where your kids can have fun and where you can leave them while you finish all of your daily tasks is a crucial thing for choosing the neighborhood. When it comes to small-town living in Bellaire, the great thing is that there are a lot of places where your kids can have fun. Speaking of outdoor places, do not miss visiting Godwin Park and Lafayette Park. With a lot of areas for recreation and playgrounds, your kids will love it here. Plus some of the delicious coffee places are nearby. So you can have your coffee and watch your kids get tired for a good night’s sleep. These places are great ways to adapt after moving to Bellaire, especially after moving with kids.

When it comes to childcare, there are a lot of options for you too. So pay attention to the Teenage Incentive Program, Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, New Addition Child Care Plus Learning Center, and Primrose School at Greenway Plaza.

kids in school
You will not have to worry about education if you choose small-town living in Bellaire

Real estate in Bellaire and the cost of living in Bellaire

Left for the last, but certainly the most important is the costs of living and the real state market. Before we even get to the numbers, make sure you have a vision of what kind of home you need, how many members of the family are there, and whether you will buy or rent a home here. Remember that adjusting to a new home in Bellaire will also depend on how much space you have in your new home.

The median home price here is $1,250,438. This is actually on the average level in this part of the country. So knowing the price per sq.ft., which is around $301, you will be able to find out how much money you will need for a home of a certain size. During the last year, there were 20 houses that were sold. But since Bellaire is yet to become popular, the numbers you see here might get higher. That is why you should be thinking of getting a home here as soon as the opportunity pops up.

You should know that the costs of living are getting higher and higher. When it comes to housing expenses, they are around 200 percent higher than the national average. Examples are the energy bill, which is around $174.52 / month, phone bill $187.75 / month, and gas $2.99 / gallon. 

Prepare for a move for your small-town living in Bellaire

If you like what you have read so far, there is nothing that holds you back from hiring the moving company and relocating to the city of Bellaire. The only thing that is left is to hire the best help there is. And we will help you with that.

dog in the box
Do not forget to pack everything your four-legged friend needs

How to find reliable movers?

When you are searching for a moving company for your upcoming move to Bellaire that will help you relocate to this place, you should look for three things:

  • References – the more the merrier. It is also important that they come from different people and that they’re various. Having only the best references is the indicator that maybe someone is giving you a piece of false information. So make sure that you ask people around as much as you are about searching online.
  • License – If the company has a license, you are safe and sound. Most companies that are licensed are reputable and reliable.
  • Insurance – be careful here. Every company has some sort of insurance. But, depending on the area you are relocating you should ask what this insurance covers. If you have some very valuable items or some antiques, you should be asking for some additional insurance. Most of these valuable things will cost you more to repair than to buy new ones. After listing your items, you will see what kind of insurance you are in need of.
Small-town living in Bellaire requires packed boxes
Do not forget to label the boxes!

Pack properly

Every relocation, no matter where you move, requires the proper packing. This means that labeling, protecting, and separating things is the main task for you. Here are a few tips on how to pack properly:

  • Since the weather in Bellaire is mostly hot and sunny, you will need to pack your winter clothes first. Of course, this will also depend on the time and season of your move. Winters here can be pretty rough. So make sure you declutter your things and pack the ones you will not be in a need of for another few months. If you have decided to relocate to Bellaire during the holidays, make sure you are well organized.
  • Labeling the boxes will help you a lot. Especially when unpacking. You will know what box contains which items, so it will make your unpacking process much faster.
  • Pack room by room. This is the system that never fails. Start by packing the stuff from the room you are not using that often. Labeling from which room the box is in and what is inside, you will have the most organized and properly packed inventory.
  • Protecting items is another part of this. Use the sheets, towels, and clothes to wrap up fragile items. You don’t have to waste too much money on packing materials, such as bubble wrap. This will also make your relocation more sustainable.
people signing the contract for a small-town living in Bellaire
Check if the company has insurance.

Small-town living in Bellaire has the charm you have not seen before. Moving here will bring you nicely, cozy life and happy kids growing up in a safe place. Polite people, nice weather, and a lot of things to do and see are just the bonus. So give yourself and your family a chance to live the life you deserve. And you will have one here, in Bellaire, Texas.




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