Moving from Texas to Oregon – what to expect?

Every relocation is a unique experience. Moving long-distance can be intimidating and stressful, and a lot of people spend their time worrying about the journey ahead. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with you. We are here to help you make this relocation a fun and memorable experience. If you’re looking for reliable moving companies state to state you’re at the right place. We’ll help you prepare for everything that lies ahead, so you can spend your time investigating your new state and preparing for a fresh start. Therefore, we’ll start by giving you a few tips on moving from Texas to Oregon. We have a lot of experience with relocations like this one, and you can count on us to make your move a successful one. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Preparing for long-distance moving

Long-distance moving is unique among the different types of relocation. There are a lot of different things you have to think about when you’re moving out of state. However, you don’t have to do anything alone. Our professionals are some of the best out of state movers Houston has to offer and they are here to lend you a hand. Therefore, you can take your time to prepare for your move in the best way possible.

A woman preparing before moving from Texas to Oregon
Dedicate your time to learning and investigation.

Think about what awaits you. You’re moving to a different state. Because of that, your life is probably about to change on a larger scale than you’re used to. So, you should make sure that you’re ready for everything and anything you might encounter on the way. Think about Oregon. You’ll have a new state to call home and that fact comes with a few responsibilities.

Investigate your soon-to-be new home and learn as much as you can about the state. Consider your reasons for moving. If you don’t already have a fixed idea of where exactly in Oregon are you going to live then do some research on different places that might suit you. Believe it or not, Oregon isn’t only Portland. It has a lot to offer and you will surely find what you need there. After your research, the journey will be much easier.

Protecting your belongings

Standing side by side with research, one of the most important parts of preparation for long-distance moving is the packing process. You should dedicate your time and attention to making sure all of your possessions are safely packed and ready for relocation. Long-distance moving means that careful packing and quality packing supplies have even greater importance than usual. Therefore, don’t think too much. When moving from Texas to Oregon, you’ll have to protect your belongings from the weather and the journey that you’re about to undertake. So, dedicate enough time to protecting all of your things and maybe even consider adding packing services to your moving contract once you hire long distance movers Austin has to offer.

A woman throwing a box to a friend
Try to create a memorable experience. Long-distance moving is something you’ll definitely remember.

Here are some tips on what should you do before you move:

  • Clean and disassemble your furniture
  • Label your boxes and take notes while packing
  • Pack an essentials bag
  • Invest in quality packing supplies

Learning about your new surroundings

The next important thing on your list when you’re preparing for long-distance relocation with long distance movers in Houston should be learning as much as you can about your new state. Maybe you’ve been offered a job opportunity you couldn’t refuse, so you’re moving to Oregon on short notice? Whatever the case may be, you should take your time to do some investigation. Look up some important stats about housing prices, lifestyle expenses, and the cost of living index. After that, you might want to know about the economy and the median yearly earnings per capita, so you can compare your situation to the general populace. Finally, you should always be aware of the situation in healthcare, education, politics, and culture. When you put all of these things together, you’ll have a clear image of your new state, and you’ll be able to plan your new life in the best way possible.

Hiring reliable movers when moving from Texas to Oregon

Every move is an important task. You have your belongings to look after, you have valuables to protect and you have to get from point A to point B on time, so you can continue with your life without worries. When it comes to moving long-distance, the importance of professional help with a task like this one can only prove greater than before. Fortunately, some of the best cross country movers Dallas can provide are here to lend you a hand. We can make your relocation a memorable experience and we will make sure all of your possessions arrive at your destination without a scratch. Our professionals are experienced and trained to handle the most challenging moves. Moving from Texas to Oregon will be just another day at the office for them and it will be a great moving day experience for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

A mover in front of the van
Everything is easier with reliable movers on your side.

Things you should know about Oregon

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest Region of the USA. It borders Washington in the north, and Idaho in the east, with California and Nevada in the south. Oregon has a very rich history. The Beaver State has been home to a lot of indigenous nations over the years. European settlers began sending vessels to its shores in the 16th century. Now, there are about 4 million people living in Oregon. Its most populous city, Portland, is home to around 647,805 people.

You can expect to find a geographically diverse state here – deserts and shrublands, evergreen and mixed forests, great bodies of water and volcanoes, the nature in Oregon has a lot to show you, so don’t miss your chance to see some amazing things. Oregon’s economy greatly depends on agriculture, fishing, and hydroelectric power. The state is also the leading producer of lumber in the United States.

The best things about moving from Texas to Oregon

Before you move, you should always be prepared to give your new place a proper chance to win you over. Focus on the good things. You’re getting a chance to start fresh and to build a new life. If you didn’t like the hot and humid Texas climate, you’re moving to the best place possible. You’re going to meet new people and experience new things. You’ll create new memories. Oregon is fun, safe, and full of spirit and culture. Its cuisine is wonderful and its natural beauty is famous beyond description. You’ll find a great place to build your future, so get ready to move and think about the positives.

Things to see and to do in your new state

Oregon has a lot to offer to everyone. Whatever your preferences, you will find something charming and beautiful here. If you’re a fan of theater, you shouldn’t miss The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. If you love the outdoors, you will be spoiled for choice. From famous national parks like the Crater Lake National Park to the amazing sights you can encounter every time you venture out of the city, Oregon will always keep the nature lover in you happy. The state also has a truly rich history. If you’re interested in Native American Culture, you’ll find yourself in the best place possible to learn more.

mountains near the body of water
The natural beauty of Oregon is a sight to behold.

Moving from Texas to Oregon – the comparison of the two states

When you’re moving from Texas to Oregon, you can naturally expect to encounter some differences in the way of life. Here are some of the things we think you might find interesting:

  • The politics leans in the other direction. While Texas is greatly conservative, Oregon tends to lean left.
  • Taxes are lower in Oregon. Property taxes are almost one percent lower than in Texas, while the sales tax, which ranges from 6.25% to 8.25% in Texas doesn’t exist in Oregon.
  • Oregon ranks 23rd in higher education in the United States, while Texas is ranked 31st.
  • The house prices are a bit steeper in Oregon. However, the state more than makes up for the difference with its strong economy and diverse job opportunities.

Getting through the obstacles of long-distance relocation when moving from Texas to Oregon

Adjusting after moving from Texas to Oregon is a very important topic to discuss. Every person is unique, and everyone has their own experience when it comes to moving long-distance. However, some things are considered general knowledge and we are here to share those with you. Firstly, a good adjustment period always starts with a successful moving experience.

You won’t be able to start settling in if you’re still worried about the possessions you’ve left behind and the furniture that got damaged on the road. Therefore, contact San Antonio out of state movers, and eliminate the problem from the start. Secondly, try to meet new people as soon as you can. Everything is easier with some friends around. If you know someone from Oregon already, don’t be afraid to reach out. Thirdly, try to let your new surroundings win you over. Oregon offers a lot, so give it a chance.

a happy man
Meeting new people will help you settle in faster after moving from Texas to Oregon! You will be much happier when you surround yourself with new friends.

Making a new home in a different state

When moving from Texas to Oregon with the San Antonio long distance movers one of the most important things you’ll have to do after the move is to make a new home. You can have a house or an apartment anywhere. However, being able to call any place a home requires effort and dedication. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience working with clients who’ve had to move across long distances.

Firstly, choose a place in Oregon that you think provides everything you need. West Lynn, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Bend, and Gladstone are just a few suggestions beyond the city of Portland. Secondly, try to keep some of the possessions that have sentimental value to you and give them a place in your new home. It’s always a good thing to have some fond memories when you look at the things around your living space.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance to meet new people as soon as you can. People are the ones who make the place feel like home. Talk to your work colleagues and investigate your surroundings. Take a walk from time to time and ask someone to join you. Talk to your neighbors. We aren’t meant to spend a lot of our time alone. Therefore, when you have interesting people around you, you’ll be able to adjust to your new state in no time at all.

A new beginning

Every relocation presents you with a chance for a fresh start. When moving from Texas to Oregon, you’ll be able to do just that. Take your time to prepare for your relocation and take care of your mental health. These times can be stressful, but if you do everything right, you won’t have to go through such problems. With reliable long distance movers Texas has to offer by your side and with a good plan prepared on time, you will be ready and focused to start a new life as soon as your relocation is complete. Therefore, don’t let the importance of your task intimidate you. Give yourself a chance to relax. Everything will be okay. When the time comes for you to set off on your journey, we will be there to lend you a hand. So, take a deep breath and prepare for a new beginning.

A sign for Portland Oregon
Oregon is much more than Portland, but the city is still more than worth visiting.


Moving from Texas to Oregon isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, with the right people by your side and the right attitude, it doesn’t have to be hard. You can do everything you’re planning without much stress and we are here to help you achieve your goals. With us handling the heavy lifting, you’ll free up a lot of time to do research about your new state and to prepare for a new beginning. Give yourself some time to put everything together. Start planning on time and talk to your friends and family. A great journey lies ahead. You’ll be able to start fresh in a new state and that can be a story of a lifetime. Therefore, allow yourself to get excited about what’s in front of you. Your adventure is about to begin and we’re looking forward to being by your side when it does.



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